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Radio Share A Thon – By definition a share a thon is an event or activity lasting a long time or involving a great deal of something. Share-a-thon is our biggest fundraiser where we seek to raise the listener’s portion of the operating expenses. WPFC 1550 AM is a listener supported, 24 hour a day broadcasting, non-profit, non commercial, family Christian radio station requiring financial support from our listeners to keep religious programming, music and community based informational programming on the air.

FIRST of all it is important for you to know that we consider the station the Lord’s. We are simply the Lord’s servants fulfilling his will for the station. With this in mind we look up vertically to God, not horizontally to man for guidance; this way the glory goes to God not man. Nothing for WPFC is done our way, but through prayer and by faith we step out to do God’s will for the station. Secondly, simply speaking it is a time where we (WPFC) ask you the listener for financial support of the radio station to keep music and religious programming on the air.  It cost’s $34.50 per hour to keep the station running, which amounts to $300,000.00 per fiscal year to operate based on the fact that we are on 24/7. Some of our expenses include lights, office supplies, tower rental, tower electricity, equipment maintenance and replacement, salaries, broadcasting license fees, web service provider fees, computer repairs, software updates, and general maintenance, etc. It is important to mention that 100% of your financial gifts are used locally here at WPFC 1550AM in order to help with these operating expenses.

DURING Share-a-thon we first seek the Lord’s will in prayer to see what he would lay on our heart as far as a financial target amount for the station. Then we interrupt the normal programming to let you (the listener) know the financial target amount. After that, all of the anchor’s and voices heard here on WPFC, pray, stand in agreement, fast, work as a team, “go live” and appeal to you to help support the station financially. We conduct live interviews, challenge our listeners, and actually give away items in appreciation for your support. It’s a busy but joyous time.

WPFC strongly encourage you to seek the Lord in prayer about the gift He would lay on your heart to give to the station. Next, when you know your gift amount simply choose one of the giving programs that best suits you. The different giving programs are listed below. Thank you for your support and prayers for this Christian radio station.