Station lineup

6:30-7:00-Mon-Fri-Dr. John Montgomery, JMIM

7:30-8:00-Mon-Fri Dr. Ralph Moore or Talkback-Victory & Power-CD

8:00-8:15 Mon-Fri  OPEN

8:15-8:30-Mon-Fri Dr. Angela Gooden-Totally Committed To Peace-CD

8:30-9:00 Mon-Fri OPEN



10:00-10:15- M-F-Active Faith Ministries-Pastor Anthony Stewart

10:15-10:30-M-F-Treasures From Heaven Broadcast-Pastor Eric Pointer

10:30-11:00 Thurs & Friday Hope and Healing & Light of the World – Evang. Patricia Haynes – Live

11:00-11:30  Tuesday-Saturday-Sunday BISHOP VERNON PHILLIPS CD/ LIVE – Without A Vision My People Perish


11:30 – 12:00 OPEN

12:00-12:30-Mon-Friday    Dr. John E. Montgomery-Greater King David-(Movement of Christ)

12:30-1:00-Mon-Fri OPEN

1:00-1:30- MONDAY-OPEN

1:00-1:30- Tues & Thurs (only) APOSTLE LLOYD BENSON – Your Time for A Miracle-CD

1:00-1:30-WEDNESDAY (only)- Prophetess Wanda Busby

1:00-1:30-Friday (only)United Worship Center, Pastor Jeffery  Haynes

1:30-2:00 Mon-Fri- OPEN

2:00-2:15-Mon-Fri-Pastor Nichelle Landry-Victory International Ministries-CD

2:15-2:30- OPEN

2.30-3:00pm- MON-FRI Victory & Power Ministries

3:00-3:30- MON-FRI Pastor Ruth Brown

3:45-4:00- MON-FRI OPEN

4:00-4:30pm Mon-Fri – OPEN

4:30-5:30-Talk Back-Dr. Ralph N. Moore


WPFC Detailed Log for Saturday



10:00-10:30- OPEN

10:30-11:00 Open

11:00-11:30- open

11:30-12:00 OPEN

12:00-12:30- Open

12:30-1:00- open

1:00-1:30- Elders Sylvester & Alicia Harrisson- The Time of Prayer Radio Broadcast


2:00-2:30- Bishop Vernon Phillips-Live

2:30-Until…- OPEN

WPFC-Sunday Detailed Log

10:30-12:30- Victory and Power

12:30-1:00- United Family Worship

1:00-1:30- open

1:30-2:00- Min Ramona Henry

2:00-2:30- Bishop Vernon Phillips-Live

2:30-3:00- JMIM Ministries

3:00-3:30- Ambassador for CHRIST, P.WILLIE BYRD, JR

3:30-4:00- Hedda Smith

4:00-4:30 Pastor Ora Bradford

4:30-5:00 open

5:00-6:00 Prophet Horrace London